Buy Products

Two Options for buying products.  The most common for people local to the Detroit Metro is to contact me and we exchange locally, and you can pay in cash, credit card, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.  The second option is to use my Square Storefront below, which takes payment via credit or PayPal.

Using Square will require shipping – I use the USPS “if it fits it ships” boxes to keep costs low.   The online store assumes a medium flat rate box which can hold up to 4 lb of honey ($16.25 in shipping).  For larger quantities, email/text me please.


The difference between honey you get from a local beekeeper like me and the grocery store is significant. First, local honey like mine has all the pollen from that area. Many believe the small doses of pollen helps build resistance to allergic reactions. Because the honey is local to you, it’s more in-tune with the plants and trees that trigger your hay fever.

Second, local honey isn’t from overseas where food safety is questionable, beekeeping methods rely heavily on chemicals, and pesticide use is unregulated. Store-bought honey may be cut with corn syrup to decrease price. If you sample my honey against the standard Kroger brand, for example, and the difference is remarkable, just like it is between real maple syrup and the Log Cabin you grew up with.