Cure for the Common Cold

Thanks to Scott Graham for this recipe.

1 Massive lime (or two the size of small planets)
1 VERY generous slug of VERY cheap blended whisky
2 Tablespoonfuls of powerful Justman bee honey

Squeeze the limes into a micro-waveable cup; mix with the rot-gut and the honey. Stick into the microwave and nuke until it begins to bubble.

Consume with care!

No self-respecting cold germ will willingly stay inside a body prepared to ingest this stuff. Works every time.”

I am the sole proprietor of my tiny little honey and honeybee products operation. Currently I'm selling honey to fund my hobby. This is my fifth year of beekeeping and I'm learning a ton while helping keep honey bees going in these challenging times for them. My bees are currently kept in Bloomfield Hills and Center Line, MI.