This site is all about my five-hive Michigan beekeeping operation.  My hives are currently located in Rochester Hills.  I started keeping bees in 2011 and they teach me something new each time I visit them.  I’m happy to pass along the lessons without the stings.

Update: May 2024.

I have two new packages of honey bees from Georgia installed now and they are building up. I am trying a little bit of comb honey this year, which is a tricky product to make. The process requires using a special frame with a delicate food-grade sheet of beeswax inserted. The hope is that the bees build on that sheet a complete photogenic frame of comb honey that can be cut out and sold as-is.

Comb honey is great as an entertaining showstopper, as well as spread – wax and all – on bread or crackers with fruit and cheese. Comb honey is desired by those who want complete assurance that the honey is completely unprocessed by anyone other than the honey bees. Truly an amazing thing when you think of it. The honey bees provide such sturdy and sound packaging for us!

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