All natural honey and bee products


Hi! I am Todd Justman and this is my hobby beekeeping endeavor. I got interested in keeping bees thanks to a good friend who is a second generation beekeeper. I’ve worked in financial services for over a decade and before that in the military, and all my work product consists of are intangible things like software requirements and PowerPoint slides. I felt it was time to learn how to produce something tangible and useful to all.

My helpers are my two sons who may not always want to help out but they blow people away with how much they know about honey bees and beekeeping. This alone has made the journey well worth the effort!

This webpage helps connect people to their honey that they buy from me either at a farmer’s market or at work, or even online. Given how much of our food comes via truck or airplane, it’s important to reconnect with food produced locally and honestly. Ask me any question about how this honey came to be and I’ll answer it. If you want to come visit one of the apiaries, please reach out. I hope I can help!

Dad and Son Luke inspecting hives

Dad and Son Luke inspecting hives